Bollywood dance teaches dancing, techniques, and skills on all types of songs ranging from classical to today’s generation. Dancing is not just about learning a song but about learning the beauty of the dance.

Anyone of all ages, males and females. We have classes structured according to age groups starting as little as age 4 and older. The division of age group is for structure, not necessarily meaning they belong to a certain group because of their age. Not all individuals are the same and WE will make the decision of the individuals placements if we feel that they are ahead or behind in their class.

You should wear comfortable pants (leggings, yoga pants, track pants) and Nritya t–‐shirt. All girls should have hair pulled backed in a ponytail so it is not in their face while learning. No socks and shoes on while dancing unless instructed. No food ONLY water.

Practicing at home is a must! At the end of each class families are allowed to come in the classroom to watch what you have learned and also to record you. We also record and send emails but we are not able to do it all the time. You should practice what you have learned and also add your own style to dance. Everyone should practice at least one to three times a day. This is not only to practice but also for your betterment.

NO. No one is allowed in the classroom while the class is on as that will be a distraction to the students. All parents and families will be allowed to watch at the end of the class. The teacher will notify you when you can come in.

If we need to cancel class for any reason then we will email you or if you are on our face book page then you will have updates through there. If we cancel class from our end we will give a make up class, which can include extra practice for any event.

If your child misses a class then they can do a make up class ONLY after notifying the teacher and getting permission to attend another location. Without permission they will not be allowed to take part in another class.

NO. If you miss class due to your own personal reason we do not give refunds. We have a NO REFUND policy after 3 classes. You may read more on the refund policy under refund policy.

If your child is sick please DO NOT brings them for class. It is important that we take into consideration of others. If you do bring them to class and we feel that they should not be there then we will ask you to leave.

Yes, we teach private lessons for your personal enrichment or special occasions. We come to your location unless you request a studio. Prices  vary depending on location and type of service. Our prices start at $40 per hour per person and goes up.

NO. You do not pay for costumes, but we will ask for you to get it dry–‐cleaned before returning the costume. Also if there are any damages you will be charged $100 replacement fees, or we will not be able to include you in the next performance.

Yes, sometimes there’s a participation fee for certain events we get to perform for. If it requires extra practice then we will ask all participants to help cover the extra costs. For girls you will have extra cost of accessories.

There are 3 shows we do (Diwali Mela, India Day, and Nritya Recital). As the year goes we get more opportunities, which we will announce as, they come  our way.

Yes, if you are our student and you want to rent for a personal event we rent at a reasonable price depending on the costume selection. We do not rent to third party, as we want to keep the quality of our costumes.